WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. We know that our diets are a critical component of overall health and well-being. The food and drink we consume on a daily basis helps sustain our busy lifestyles. That’s why the WELL Building Standard includes the Nourishment concept, with the goal of improving nutrition and driving healthier choices. Healthy Nibbles work with our clients to align their food and drink offering to the gold standard of workplace healthy and wellbeing.

Founder, Sara Roberts sits on IWBI’s International Advisory Board for Nourishment and is undertaking WELL AP accreditation.

Things are changing for the better within the health and wellness industries, people are demanding evidence to back up health claims and individuals are becoming more empowered to take back control of their own health, yet misinformation and dangerous advice is still rife. Working with Sano School of Culinary Medicine Nutritionists, we deliver evidence-based nutritional support to empower our clients and their teams to live healthier lives.