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1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

We give 1% of our sales to diverse environmental organisations to help them to collectively become more powerful and tackle some of the earth’s greatest challenges. In doing so, we are part of an alliance of businesses who recognise the importance of protecting our natural environment. We will also be continuously reporting on the impact that we are having through 1% on the Planet as part of our pledge to transparency.

Scottish Business Pledge

Scottish Business Pledge

The Scottish Business Pledge is a values-led partnership between Government and business that is based on boosting productivity, competitiveness through fairness, equality and sustainable employment. Each pledge from a Scottish business contributes towards a forward-thinking organisation and a stronger Scotland, committing to:

• Paying the real Living Wage

• No inappropriate use of zero hours contracts

• Action to address the gender pay gap

• Environmental impact

• Investing in a skilled and diverse workforce

• Workforce engagement

• Innovation

• Internationalisation

• Support your community

• Prompt payment



Positive Impact Companies (PICs) adopt a 360° approach and have a social and environmental purpose at the core of their businesses. They respect planetary boundaries, often acting at a local level with a global perspective. They go beyond current notions of sustainability, shifting our economy away from its roots of extraction and exploitation towards caretaking and Regeneration. PICs are about doing no harm and more good. They are usually SMEs and can innovate more rapidly because of their size. They operate at a human scale and put people first. They are a corrective driver shaping the business of the future committing to: 

• Purpose at the core

• Right relationship with Nature

• Elevating Human potential

• Value for all

• Empowering places and communities