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Tech-enabled healthy vending machines for offices

Tech-enabled vending machines

Healthy Nibbles vending machines are tech-enabled with nutritional wellbeing at the forefront of the customer experience. With the ability to search the product range via dietary requirements, the touchscreen displays full nutritional and allergen information prior to purchase.


Part of creating an easy customer experience is our ability to offer 100% cashless machines, accepting contactless, chip & pin, ApplePay, GooglePay, and with the ability to integrate with company payment systems.


The intelligent machines offer real-time remote monitoring with live sales feeds and analysis. Accessibility has been at the forefront of the design process, including a wheelchair user setting with lowered eye level on the touchscreen and raised delivery bin.


Best of all, they are eco-friendly, delivering best in class Energy Efficiency EVA EMP A++ and equipped with a carbon neutral option. They have been designed 50% bigger than traditional machines, resulting in fewer refills and a reduced environmental impact. And at end of life, the machines are 78% recyclable.

Snack boxes

From office wellbeing to employee rewards, a healthy snack box tastes great and delivers the right message. Our boxes are filled with a selection of carefully sourced products from artisan suppliers throughout the UK, bringing together the finest range of health snacks. Our snack boxes come in four varieties: healthy, vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free.


The range of products in each snack box varies week to week, but will always be filled with goodies to give you boundless energy and keep hunger at bay. We have over 400 healthy products, all free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners, and each vetted against national and international nutritional, allergen and sustainability standards. Our snack range includes bars, cookies, popcorn, healthy crisps, chocolate (free from refined sugars of course), biltong, seeds, nuts, and more.

Healthy snack boxes for offices, employees and for snacking at home, with free delivery.

Bespoke solutions

Client led solutions are at the heart of our bespoke service, forming an intrinsic element of our mission to enable healthier choices. Some of the exciting projects we have been involved in include:

  • - Designing and delivering a 'store within a store' retail solution;
  • - Curating and tailoring a multi-site tuck shop solution;
  • - Designing and curating an amenity tray solution for a multi-site co-working business;
  • - Curating a hotel mini-bar focused on health and wellbeing;
  • - Designing and curating a conference snack pack.

Nutritional strategy

We know that poor diets are the second-leading risk factor for mortality globally. Change is more likely when environmental conditions and influences are aligned, which is the backbone of our nutritional strategy. Healthy Nibbles seek innovation and are the thought leaders for nutritional wellbeing in the workplace, delivered through sampling, workshops and keynotes. We benchmark our own standards against both national and international industry leaders: International WELL Building Institute, Sugarwise, Healthy Working Lives, CQUIN, World Health Organisation and Diabetes UK.

Data and analytics

Healthy Nibbles vending machines have a footfall reach of over 265m people annually. Real-time consumer purchasing behaviour delivers insights from both workplace-based consumers and fast-paced commuters on-the-go. Purchasing behaviour provides detailed insights into consumer needs and interests and is a more accurate indicator of consumer trends.


Data related to purchasing behaviour can be deployed to determine:

  • - Buying patterns (example, seasonal purchases or a preference for a particular product category);


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