Our Story

It all started with a simple but profound realisation in 2014 after its Founder, Sara Roberts, had two very personal experiences and discovered how difficult it was finding healthy and nutritious snacks.

The first was several years ago. It was 3:00 o'clock in the morning, Sara was sat at the bedside of her terminally ill father and she was hungry. She trundled off to the nearest vending machine to see what she could find only to discover the only options were the usual culprits. Family-sized bags of sweets and crisps none of which were things she wanted to eat at the time.


It really stood out that in an environment where people were trying to improve their health had very poor choices in that setting.


The second experience was almost a continuation of the first one, as a brand an innovation consultant Sara spent an awful lot of time in other people's offices and tend to find that in those environments nutritional wellbeing was not being considered. Companies were not providing healthy options for their employees and there was definitely something to do about it.

We all lead hectic lives, the daily commute, careers and family all place demands on our time and energy often meaning that planned meals are missed and replaced by unhealthy on-the-go options. At Healthy Nibbles we are committed to enabling healthier choices, providing an opportunity for people to make positive lifestyle choices beginning with their health.” - Sara Roberts


Outside of Healthy Nibbles, but intrinsically linked, Sara is committed to supporting others.

In her spare time, she is a Director of Vision Ministries, a Scottish charity working in Africa to equip through education, support through work initiatives and bring relief to those in extreme poverty through food, accommodation and medical assistance. In addition to this, Sara is keen to give back and support others and provides mentorship to early stage local businesses. Sara is an Ambassador to Women’s Enterprise Scotland and a Global Nourishment Advisor to the International WELL Building Institute.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. We’re thrilled we’re connected and very excited for the journey ahead. Let’s be remarkable together!