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Healthy Nibbles’ mission is to reduce the number of people with lifestyle related diseases due to poor diets, by enabling healthier on the go food choices, underpinned by personalised nutrition & data.


With full UK wide servicing, we support clients across the UK and Europe with healthy vending, unmanned retail, snack boxes and data & analytics, delivering an average saving of £600 per annum, per employee who transitions to a healthier diet.


Our data-rich services give us unrivalled insight into consumer drivers and choices, enabling us to work closely with both clients and suppliers to optimise the product range. With over 800 products listed and benchmarked against 15+ against multiple national and international nutrition, allergen, EDI impact and sustainability metrics.


Working with the global leader of self-service convenience technologies we are able to offer a diverse point-of-service platform, which have been proven on over 30,000 POS devices globally.


Our retail designers working extensively around the UK & throughout Europe, to design, produce and install the highest quality catering interiors that reflect your brand, company culture and space availability.



All machines are now fitted with Antimicrobial Films. The films incorporate a highly effective antimicrobial agent inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the touch-screen delivering over 99.99% proven protection, offering guaranteed antimicrobial performance for 2 years.


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Let's work together to make healthy choices

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

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