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The ending is pending for boring choice vending

The ending is pending for boring choice vending

Peering into the glass to see what takes your fancy is almost as exciting as the moment your snack edges forward ready for the drop. Who doesn’t love to ooh and aah at the possibilities? Open up a world of exciting healthy option brands with a new kind of vending solution. Nothing says ‘we care about your well being’ quite like a highly visible healthy vending machine packed to the brim with snacks people are proud to have on their desk.

Built to Serve

Built to Serve

• Full nutritional and allergy information searchable prior to purchase.

• Sustainable real-time monitoring: Live feeds and sales analysis for refills only when required.

• Antimicrobial film as standard to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the touch-screen. 99.99% proven protection with guaranteed antimicrobial performance for 2 years.

• Best in class energy efficiency EVA EMP A++.

• Designed 50% bigger for fewer refills, at end of life each machine is 78% recyclable.

• You can’t start a healthy vending revolution without making sure everyone’s included! Accessible design was paramount in our design process, including a wheelchair user setting with lowered eye level on the touchscreen and raised delivery bin

A curated selection for you

A curated selection for you

Treat their taste buds with nutritious snacks from exciting and up-and-coming healthy brands. We know the world of healthy snacking can be confusing, which is why we’re committed to being transparent about product range, ingredients, allergens and product health benefits.

To date we have listed over 1000 healthy on-the-go snacking options, all free from our non-negotiables - no hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners lurking in the small print. And to make that choice feel even better, we curate against respected scientific benchmarks as well as international allergen and sustainability standards.

Healthy Vending FAQs

What makes Healthy Nibbles different to traditional vending machines?

Our tech-enabled healthy vending machines allow customers to search the product range via dietary requirements, providing full nutritional and allergen information prior to purchase.

What is the vending machine restock process?

We have a team that takes care of everything for you, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Our tech-enabled vending machines allow us to track sales and stock levels in real time, so we keep a close eye on what needs to be topped up and when. Besides, they are designed 50% bigger than traditional machines in order to reduce the required number of refills.

Do I have a say in what products go into the machine?

Our intelligent machines allow us to live-track sales and product stock, meaning we can see the most popular products in your unique machine. We aim to be as accommodating as possible, so if you do have feedback from customers, we’d love to hear it. After all, we want to ensure your customers are getting the most out of the machines.

How quickly can I have my machine up and running?

We aim to have your new vending machine installed and up and running as swiftly as possible. Of course, unexpected hurdles can occur and cause delays, but we typically work to a timeline of three weeks from the date your contract has been finalised. Communication is paramount to us, and we will always ensure that you are kept up-to-date with the progress of your machine.  

Where can I set my vending machine up?

Vending machines are great for all types of environments, from workplaces, schools, universities, accommodation and travel hubs - we’re all about making the healthy choice the easiest one to get!. We have a range of vending machines popping up around London tube and bus stations, demonstrating their sturdiness, reliability and accessibility.

What if someone who wants to use the machine has an allergy?

We can tailor the selection of products offered in your vending machine to accommodate allergies. Most commonly, we have delivered nut free and plant based product ranges. We take health and safety very seriously. Additionally, our machines categorise products based on dietary requirements, so the customer can check out the product’s suitability themselves before making their purchase. 

How many vending machines would you recommend for my office?

We aim to ensure your employee wellbeing strategy is as robust as possible, and therefore tailor each recommendation to your individual business based on a number of factors including company size, budget, dietary requirements, and your overall objectives. For more on this, send an enquiry via our Contact Page.

What dietary requirements do the snacks cater to?

Healthy Nibbles have over 1000 products listed and have curated ranges to suit 6 specific requirements: general health, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, keto and high-protein.

What are the vending machine dimensions?

We have two sizing options. 

Option A: 1830mm H, 810mm D, 895mm W, with a weight of 247kg.

Option B: 1830mm H, 810mm D, 1180mm W, with a weight of 293kg.

What connectivity is required?

Healthy Nibbles vending machines require a good quality 4G network. In the absence of this, we are able to connect the vending machines through a LAN cable. We will be able to advise in greater detail during the site survey.