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Let's work together to make healthy choices

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The need for Healthy Nibbles is both clear and urgent. Rising levels of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are placing significant burdens on the UK and global economies. Poor diet causes more deaths than lack of physical activity, alcohol, and tobacco combined, attributing 1 in every 7 deaths within the UK and 11m deaths per annum globally. British consumers now get over 60% of their calories from ultra-high processed foods.


Businesses are losing 328m workdays annually due to an unhealthy workforce at a cost of £58bn annually (estimated to be £91bn in 2020). By 2030, overweight & obese people will rise to 3.28 billion increasing the demand for workplace interventions. The time for preventative healthcare is now.


Change is more likely when environmental conditions and influences are aligned, which is the backbone of our nutritional strategy. Healthy Nibbles seek innovation and are the thought leaders for nutritional wellbeing in the workplace, delivered through strategy, accreditation, education and a solutions led approach. We benchmark our own standards against both national and international industry leaders: International WELL Building Institute, Sugarwise, Healthy Working Lives, CQUIN, World Health Organisation and Diabetes UK.

Let's work together to make healthy choices

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