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Free-From Super Box

  • Save over 10% when you opt for the Free-From Super Box. With double the snacks, you can keep your snack stash well-stocked for longer. 
  • A new addition to our snack box family, the Free-From Super Box is allergen safe (free from all 14 major allergens). 
  • Perfect for those looking for safe and nutritious snacks in the home and on-the-go, you never need to worry about any ‘may-contains’. All featured products are handled in totally safe environments so that you and your family can snack risk-free, with confidence. 
  • Our Free-From Super Box contains both sweet and savoury allergen-safe snacks; with a wide variety to choose from, you’ll always find indulgent snacks to satisfy the taste buds. 
  • We know how difficult it is to find allergen-safe snacks that don’t compromise on taste... that’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you! 
  • Our boxes are beautifully packaged with the option to customise a personal message. 
  • Delivered FREE to your home or office, using a 48-hour service. 

    The Free-From Super Box includes:

    • Doves Freee Flapjack - Apple Oat Bar with Sultanas x4 (VG, GF)
    • Nomo Fruit & Crunch Choc Bar x4 (VG, GF)
    • Creative Nature Salted Caramel x4 (VG, GF)
    • Creative Nature Gnawbles Cheeky Choc Hazelnut x4 (VG, GF)
    • Growers Garden – Broccoli & Chilli x4 (VG, GF)
    • Eat Real – Lentil Chilli & Lemon x4 (VG, GF)
    • FODlicious Cookie Buttons Cocoa Crunch x4 (VG, GF)
    • FODlicious Cookie Buttons Ginger Crunch x4 (VG, GF)
    • Two Farmers Lightly Salted Crisps x4 (VG, GF)
    • Gregory’s Tree x4 (VG, GF)
    • Olly’s Olives x4 (VG, GF)
    • The Happy Snack Company - Dark Choc & Raspberry Roasted Chickpeas x4 (VG, GF)
    • Eat Real Quinoa Sour Cream & Chives x4 (VG, GF)
    • WestLab Bath Salts x2 (VG)
    • Creative Nature Baking Kit x2 (VG, GF)

    Disclaimer: Snacks included in the box may vary from the image shown.

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