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Prepaid Snack 30 box - for 12 months

Dietary preference
Snacks with nuts?

This prepaid bundle is available in a choice of health, gluten free or vegan and is delivered on a monthly basis for 12 months and automatically saves 20% off the normal monthly price, saving upto £119.97 per year.

Ideal as a gift for thoses healthy snackers out there. 

The boxes features a selection of 30 tasty treats delivered every month - the perfect selection for when you're craving something to eat in the office or looking to stock up the pantry with healthy treats.  

We stock over 400 healthy products from UK suppliers. Products in the snack 30 boxes change on a monthly basis, so you might find yourself snacking on popcorn, healthy crisps, protein bars or protein balls, dark chocolate, and so much more, meaning you'll never get bored. 

The snack 30 box includes free delivery to your workplace or home within 48 hours

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