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Protein Super Box

  • Double the snacks = double the protein. Keep your snack stash clean, well-stocked and make the most of 10% off! 
  • Looking for nutritious snacks to fuel your workouts and meet your 2021 fitness goals? Our new Protein Super Box is the perfect option for those seeking help in maintaining a healthy and high-protein lifestyle. 
  • Our carefully selected mix of high-protein sweet and savoury snacks are healthy and delicious - helping you to hit your desired macros with no artificial nonsense. 
  • On a monthly basis we round up the most delicious high-protein snacks from sustainable and exciting brands - always ensuring that taste is the top priority! Keep your snack stash healthy in 2021.  
  • Beautifully packaged and the perfect gift... why not add your own message for a personal touch? 
  • Delivered FREE using a 48-hour service. 

    The Protein Super Box includes:

    • Vive Protein Bites x4 (VG, GF)
    • Nutrilicious – Dark Chocolate x4 (VG, GF)
    • Boost Ball – Keto x4 (VG, GF)
    • Misfits – Brownie x4 (VG, GF)
    • Cheesies x4 (V, GF)
    • Prime – Salami Bar x4 (GF)
    • Smally’s Biltong x4 (GF)
    • The Curators – Pork Puffs x4 (GF)
    • The Curators - Made for Drink Chorizo Thins x4 (GF)
    • KIND – Protein x4 (V, GF)
    • Tribe – Protein Balls x4 (VG, GF)
    • Boundless – Orange & Maple x4 (VG, GF)
    • I Love Snacks – Almonds x4 (VG, GF)
    • Creative Nature – Salted Caramel x4 (VG, GF)
    • New Kings Coffee x4 (VG, GF)
    • WestLab Bath Salts x2 (VG)

    Disclaimer: Snacks included in the box may vary from the image shown.

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