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Three want to make life easier for their customers by helping them get the most out of their mobile devices, offering real value from the services they provide and by removing the barriers that frustrate them. Their network was built for the internet, carrying over 40% of the UK’s mobile data traffic. Three have always challenged the market and driven competition, resulting in lower prices and a better experience.  Whether it's building the best network, challenging the status quo, improving access for everyone, delivering firsts or simply offering best value. And this commitment to making things better is reflected in how much they put into developing their people.

We identified a need, particularly in our  Retail Stores, for deliveries of healthy, nutritious snacks on a regular basis.  Healthy Nibbles provided us with a great solution which has proved really popular across the whole organisation.  This has resulted in all 340 stores receiving a delivery every quarter, in addition to our three corporate office locations.  In October 2017, we extended this to location independent workers who all received a smaller delivery directly to their homes.  This has become a highly valued part of our overall Wellness strategy at Three.”

Rhys Davies – Head of Performance & Planning

Net Promotor Score: 10/10

The Healthy Nibbles Solution

Three had a very specific brief when they began working with Healthy Nibbles – to support the nutritional wellbeing of their retail staff.

With 340 stores throughout the UK, and nearly 6000 employees, the Healthy Nibbles white label solution was the perfect fit. 

How Healthy Nibbles Helped

Healthy Nibbles understand the importance of brand and consistency in message communication. Three are committed to developing and supporting their people, so the Healthy Nibbles solution needed to reflect this. Healthy Nibbles worked with Three to create a white label snack box branded with their campaign identity and message.

The snack choice was curated to suit the requirements of Three, taking into consideration dietary preferences and specific nutritional goals.

Healthy Nibbles managed the entire process including box creation, content curation, packing and logistics.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Approximately 63,000 snacks were packed and distributed in 2018 for Three. Employees have been enthusiastic about the snack boxes and feedback has been positive. With around half of an employee’s daily calories consumed at work, Three are helping employees make positive choices.

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