So Many ‘Just One Thing’ Ideas To Improve Health Wellbeing

As with so many folk who are not in their teenage or summer period of their lifespan, I have the odd grumble.  Serious osteo arthritis has hampered a lot of my activities such as hiking or biking – I am now limited to a sometimes brisk, but usually slower ramble, but I do try to get out as often as I can.  I take multi vitamins with iron included – despite having a very meat, fish, egg & vegetable rich diet, my Hb levels are always low.  This not only means I feel cold and tired more often than some others, but I can no longer be on the blood donor list as it’s a constant battle to get it to 125 reading which is their absolute minimum for women.  But it is true, who wants depleted blood given to them when they’re desperately ill to stasrt with?   I do listen to health programmes – in moderation.  There is one broadcaster who is on radio a lot with single thought ideas for improving one’s health and well being.  He refers to it as just one thing, and each week he introduces these new findings about products we have always had around us but not nevessarily found a way to introduce into our own diets.  Take milled or ground flax seed – it is incredible powerfdul in reducing high blood presure in folk who have historically suffered from medical hypertension.  This guru has spoken to leading researchers and experts to get the latest findings on whatever product or process he is addressing;  he also asks members of the public (in a pre arranged set up) to test the idea for a week or month, whatever is deemed most suitable.  All the guinea pigs phone in a couple of interim reports and then a final round up of their experiences with said product or process.  None of them have yet said they don’t feel any benefit or it’s not helping them to feel fitter.