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What is COP26?

COP26, the Conference of the Parties’ 26th annual summit, also known as the UN’s Climate Change Conference, took place in Glasgow, Scotland, between 31 October and 12 November 2021. Under the Paris Agreement of 2015, 200 countries were asked to step up and make urgent changes to keep global warming below 2C and aim for 1.5C. Prior to COP26, these countries were asked for their concrete plans to reach net zero by 2030. Why? Due to heatwaves, floods, storms, and forest fires having intensified rapidly, and the past decade being the warmest on record, the world has come to understand that the urgency of climate change must be addressed and solved now.



Goals House at COP26

Goals House marked this specific moment in time to re-establish that urgency and build momentum for the work that is needed to reach Global Goals. Goals House became a renowned location for discussions around breakfasts, dinners and nightcaps focused on change. With governments, NGOs, businesses, and citizens from around the world participating in COP26, Goals House provided members with a space to meet, host, and network.




Collaboration with Healthy Nibbles

Healthy Nibbles were asked to collaborate with Goals House at COP26 to ensure the VIPs had access to healthy, sustainable food and drink available throughout the day. Our vending machine got a makeover to blend into the cosy and historical environment of Engine Works and was packed with all the usual goodies we stock – everything from Dash, Olly’s, and KIND to Native. B Corps like us!



We asked what our CEO, Sara Roberts, had to say about this amazing opportunity: “Healthy Nibbles are delighted to collaborate with Goals House @ COP26. Taking over the historic Engine Works, a former steel plant designed by Sir Henry Royce of Rolls Royce, in Glasgow’s City Centre; there has never been a more prominent and urgent partnership. To be able to demonstrate and share our commitment to being a business of purpose with those who are at the leading edge of climate change is both extraordinary and exciting.”

There was quite a buzz on site with highly positive multilateral announcements, deals, pacts, agreements, and the opportunity to engage with thought leaders across multiple sectors. From Grant Reid, CEO of Mars, discussing sustainable supply chains to Angela Naef, Chief R&D Officer, on a panel discussing the role manufactures can play in nudging consumers to make smarter choices in the products they purchase, whilst using less of the earth’s non-renewable resources.



James Rae, the Associate Director of one of the organising parties, freuds, was equally excited to cooperate: “A huge shoutout to Healthy Nibbles and Sara Roberts for working with us on our very first vending machine. The state-of-the-art machine, positioned in our pop-up Goals House members club, was filled with all the greatest products from carefully selected brands who share our values and put purpose before profit.” Now, that is what we like to hear!




Our commitment

Healthy Nibbles indeed make sure that everything we do is impact driven. That has been the base ever since Sara first got the inspiration for the business when visiting her father in a hospital, having to eat only unhealthy options from a vending machine, and noticing a poster next alongside saying ‘diabetes and obesity kill’. As a B Corp, Healthy Nibbles has set the highest social and environmental targets as priorities, along with legal transparency when balancing purpose and profit. In other words, we care about people, planet, and being real.

Net zero was our starting point in 2020. However, we understand this may change due to the pandemic and the business continuing to scale. To date, we commit to offset a percentage of our carbon emissions by planting trees each quarter with the help of our partner, Treeapp. That being said, we recognise that it cannot be our main strategy in fighting climate change. We work with a third-party assessor to analyse our greenhouse gas emissions, use agile innovation across all packaging, review company travel actively, work with suppliers and customers to achieve shared goals, and bring in the teamwork to create ideas. Still, all businesses, including us, should ask themselves: how can we respond to climate crisis better?