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iQ Accommodation

About iQ Accommodation

iQ (Wilmslow Park) is a 1,019-bed student accommodation based in Manchester. We are part of a larger Nationwide company that is known for supplying excellent standard of rooms and facilities to student’s both domestic and international.

“We chose Healthy Nibbles because they supply tasty and healthy snacks to our students.

We are often promoting health and wellbeing with our students along with having an onsite gym so it works well together”. 

Kathryn Wood – Operations Manager

Net Promotor Score: 7/10

The Healthy Nibbles Solution

Healthy Nibbles are dedicated to transforming nutrition within educational establishments – setting the foundations for a healthier, happier and more positive environment.

Students, transitioning into adulthood, find themselves with increased independence and decision making, often impacting diet and health-related behaviours.

Encouraging healthy food choices amongst young adults such as students is vital. 90% of parents are concerned about the lack of nutrition in schools, with worries heightened as young people flee the nest and embark on an independent life.

With obesity, anxiety, stress and chronic diseases at an all-time high, iQ Student Accommodation welcomed support nutritional support from Healthy Nibbles.

How Healthy Nibbles Helped

iQ Student Accommodation approached us as they were keen to improve their vending and snack offering.

Healthy Nibbles were able to offer a fully managed vending service, providing a wide range of snacks that reinforced health and wellbeing for a wide range of dietary requirements.

Underpinning the vending service, Healthy Nibbles support iQ Student Accommodation with a student wellbeing programme, offering sampling opportunities, nutritional workshops and providing student access to health products and service discounts.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

iQ Student Accommodation have demonstrated commitment to ensuring that student welfare, health and nutrition is at the forefront of their agenda. Improved nutrition leads to increased brain function, improved learning, reducing levels of stress and anxiety – allowing students to feel supported and cared for. By constantly evolving the product choice, there is always something for everyone.

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