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Hüüg: Sam Lee

This week, we interviewed Sam Lee, the sales director and co-founder of Hüüg bar - the latest vegan and gluten-free indulgent chocolate bar! We chatted about the difficulty of start-ups and new branding, and what inspired Sam and co-founder Ben to create Hüüg!

For those who don't know Hüüg, give us a little more information about you and your company.

We’re Ben & Sam from Hüüg based in Hackney Wick, London. To us, Hüüg is not just a name, it’s a feeling – the feeling you get from curling up with a cuppa, cuddling an old blanket or a big group hüg. It’s about spot-hitting, self-indulging, unashamed happy-making. And it’s the feeling we share through everything we do.

So we made a properly wholesome bar, loaded with top-notch nuts, oats and decadent dark choc, for that spot-hitting, happy-making indulgence.  

Not only is Hüüg totally vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free and a source of fibre – but all our packaging is made from a super-cool compostable material which breaks down into completely organic material. 

What inspired you to create Hüüg? Are you a vegan yourself?

I (Sam) certainly am vegan! Ben, is more of a flexitarian… But we both love sweet treats, and thought about what was missing in the market was a properly free-from indulgentway to snack - one you can actually enjoy. A feel-good snack made with real ingredients, not artificial, empty calories. A snack that's full-on satisfying for those chocolate cravings - but totally worry-free. 

You've just launched - what have been your biggest challenges as a start-up?

I’d say the biggest challenge for a food-start up is spreading the word about your product and creating a demand.  We really believe in Hüüg and have spent almost a year perfecting the recipe. We truly love it! But, we have found that people are creatures of habit with snacking meaning we have had to work hard to get Hüügs into the hands of people! Luckily, first feedback has been great! (We can confirm, they are delicious!)

How did you decide on the concept for your brand? 

We wanted to create a brand that described a feeling - which is no easy feat! Luckily, we managed to work with one of the best branding agencies in the world who really made our concept come to life. 

Where do you hope to see Hüüg in 2020 and in 2025?

Being able to find Hüüg bars in coffee shops and cafes, workspaces and vending machines all over London (and the rest of the UK too!!) & people choosing Hüüg bars every single time. And if we’re lucky, the idea of Hüüg catching like wildfire, so our most dedicated hüggers are using it in everyday speech... “Ooh, I’m feeling a little hüügish!”

What's your favourite Huug flavour, and how do you eat it? 

It changes every day, but we keep going back to the first recipe we created - Salted Caramel.  We eat Hüügs whenever - it’s always snack time! 

And final question, if you walked out of the office now and found a winning lottery ticket for £1 million, what would you do with it?

Travel the world giving out free Hüügs for all!


It was a pleasure to chat with Sam. We really love the decadent indulgence of a Hüüg bar, and we are still amazed it's vegan!