May 20, 2016

Supplier Spotlight Clearspring

For the last day of Vegetarian Week we wanted to showcase one of our vegan suppliers. This Spotlight is dedicated to Clearspring which provide us a delicious selection of several snacks! Let's learn more about them!

// Who is Clearspring?

Clearspring was set up in 1993 by its Chairman Christopher Dawson to distribute great tasting authentic Japanese specialities and Organic Fine Foods that support good health, promote sustainable agriculture and provide economic stability for producer communities. 


// Why your brand is unique:

All Clearspring products must meet our brand promises and we will not compromise on any of these:

  • Organic/premium quality Japanese and European foods skillfully prepared by artisan and professional producers.
  • Prepared according to authentic, traditional recipes and our own original recipes developed for present-day market needs.
  • 100% vegetarian/vegan foods and ingredients.
  • Wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great-tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition.
  • No artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugars.
  • Ethically sourced foods which support producer communities.
  • Made using environmentally sustainable and non-GM ingredients.
  • Good foods to be enjoyed locally and globally.

// Share the story of how your brand came into being?

In the words of Christopher Dawson:

1976, I decided my best contribution to mankind would be to help current and potentially organic farmers get their products to market/consumers.

Hence my first shop, East West Natural Foods, in 1977, in Old Street, London.  This shop was the forerunner to Clearspring today. As a vegetarian, I longed for a gravy alternative and luckily discovered Miso.

This took me to Japan 1980-98 during which time I converted many farmers and food producers, especially Miso producers, to certified organic.Onward I developed a huge, huge dream to put organic miso soup on the table in every home in every country in the world. This is where is all began!


// Tell us your favourite way to stay healthy?

There is a saying in Japan: ’A miso a day keeps the doctor away’ and this is also our favourite way to stay healthy.   One of our aims is to get Britain eating a enjoying a daily miso soup!

Other favourites are to make and enjoy a delicious matcha or matcha latte high in antioxidants or adding sea vegetables to your cooking as an easy way to add protein and beneficial minerals to your diet.

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