Cravings? Here Are Some Healthy Alternatives

September 19, 2018

No matter how healthy your diet is, or how strict you try to be, we all suffer from cravings. Whether they be for a takeaway, a sugary snack, or a fizzy drink, it can sometimes be really hard to conquer them, whilst succumbing to them can contribute to the failure of your diet.


With that in mind, we have put together some advice for beating the cravings and some healthy alternatives to your cheat treats - all the snacks are available through our office and consumer snack boxes


1. Sugary Snacks -

Due to dietary trends in recent years our bodies have become so used to refined sugar that many scientists believe sugar has become an addiction. This can lead to cravings for sweet treats - which inevitably lead to insulin spikes and weight gain. Instead, we suggest trying low sugar alternatives such as Gregory's tree, Snact, and Urban Fruit snacks. All use real fruit and don't add refined sugar. Giving you a sweet treat without the excess sugar.


2. Soft Drinks -

Drinks can be a hidden source of calories and sugar, whilst even diet or 'zero-sugar' drinks have their critics due to carcinogenic content and their general harm on the body's digestive system. At Healthy Nibbles, we supply a range of still and carbonated drinks that are packed with vitamins and good to the body. Our sparkling offering is led by Cawston Press drinks - who offer Apple, Ginger, Rhubarb, and Elderflower carbonated drinks. All are incredibly refreshing and don't have the added nasties of a traditional soft drink.


3. Energy Drinks -

When you're short of energy and feel the need for caffeine it is easy to reach for a traditional energy product to 'give you wings'. However, we stock some incredible alternatives that give you the kick, without filling your body with caffeine and added sugar. Nix & Kix offer a series of energy drinks in a variety of flavours without added sugar, without caffeine and only using natural ingredients like cayenne pepper for a natural pick-me-up


4. Chocolate -

Has anyone not experienced a chocolate craving? We don't think so. However chocolate is generally full of empty calories and refined sugar. We offer an astonishing variety of chocolate treats that cut the sugar and actually add nutrients. Raw chocolates such as Ombar, Raw Halo and Doisy and Dam are low in sugar whilst still satisfying that chocolate craving. However even more beneficial, is Cocoa +, a high protein chocolate with up to 10g of protein in per bar.


5. Savoury Snacks -

In the UK we are brought up on crisps, nuts and all sorts of unhealthy 'bar snacks'. However, at Healthy Nibbles, we have curated a range of savoury snacks, suitable for all occasions. Eat Real 'Chips' use both traditional and revolutionary flavours (Sea Salt to Sundried Tomato and Basil) in their chips whilst using ingredients such as Quinoa, and Lentils to ensure they are low in fat and healthy. Similarly, Stript is low salt, low sugar, and low preservative Biltong that packs both flavour and a huge amount of protein.


For more information on our healthy snack offerings please check out our website.

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