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Creating a successful wellness culture through diet

Having a structured, beneficial wellness programme for your employees is one thing. However, ensuring staff buy into the concept and are able to reap the benefits of it, is another matter.

Breaking behavioural norms can be difficult at first, for decades we have grown accustomed to living off simple carbohydrates, sugars and artificial flavourings, so changing entrenched behaviours can seem a difficult proposition. The key is to explain why changing the way people are snacking (particularly in the workplace) is crucial, to their own health and wellbeing. Appeal to the rational and intelligent side of employees, it is crucial to explain why you are doing it.

By informing and trusting employees, they are empowered to make their own choices regarding their health. Knowing that eating habits not only have a huge impact on physical health but also mental health is likely to make staff think twice about reaching for traditional vending products or office snacks. Creating a culture of healthy eating and wellness in a company has been proven to lead to increased productivity and a reduction in absenteeism; unsurprisingly buy-in from the managers at the top is crucial to this.

Setting an example as a supporter of wellness encourages staff to buy into the programme, this is where companies with structured wellness initiatives see the best VOI (value on investment). Instead of simply using ROI – focusing on strictly financial metrics – VOI shows the intrinsic and intangible factors that contribute to a successful organisation such as; employee retention, work satisfaction, and productivity.

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