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Practicing Self-Care this Valentine’s Day

Self-care has been talked about more than ever before over the last year. It’s so important to try and take care of your mental and physical health during these challenging and isolating times. Why not use Valentine’s Day as an reason to love yourself and your body, and to really indulge in self-care like never before. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to celebrate YOU. If you live with a partner, flat mate or family member, encourage everyone to get involved!

Valentine’s falls on a Sunday this year – this means that for many of us, we can dedicate the whole day to ourselves and doing whatever we want to do. Why not start the day with a nice stretch and meditation before heading into the kitchen to create that mouth-watering breakfast recipe that you’ve been wanting to try for ages? Head outside and get some fresh winter air. There's no better way to start a morning. Later, have a candlelit bubble bath with a glass of something and a good book. You do you! It’s the little things.

Have an online detox. Most of us are addicted to being connected in one way or another, often in the form of checking emails, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. Whilst most of us require to be online for work purposes and a full online detox isn’t possible, turning off social media for a week or so can work wonders on your mental health. Why not uninstall so you’re not tempted to endlessly scroll? Funnily enough, we’re all in the same boat at the moment… we won’t gain from comparing our Valentine’s lockdown to someone else’s, they’re at home scrolling too.

Another tip… be sad if you want to be sad! Self-care isn’t about pretending and lying to yourself, it’s about taking steps to improve your situation. Toxic positivity is often dangerous – nobody can be positive ALL of the time and being constantly upbeat can be really draining. Don’t suppress what you’re feeling – acknowledge your emotions, good and bad, and manage them in a way that works for you. Writing down your emotions in a journal can really help to identify and take action around your feelings.

Most importantly, reach out to others to say hello. If you usually do a Valentine’s night with your friends, don’t let lockdown halt the tradition! Virtually check in on friends and family, or even send some flowers or fresh baking to a loved one to remind them that you’re there. Although you might not be struggling this Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean that others aren’t. Self-care also involves taking care of your relationships with others.