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Snack Boxes: from employee perks to virtual event gifting!

Healthy Nibbles snack boxes are the perfect treat for a range of scenarios - from a weekly employee perk to a virtual conference. As long as there are snacks involved, everyone will be impressed!

We work with many businesses on a weekly or monthly basis to send out snack boxes to their employees. The work from home era has removed the convenience of workplace perks, and many employers are replacing it with direct-to-employees solutions.

Many of our snack boxes have also been requested in line with online events. With employees worldwide, it can be challenging for employers to find one gifting solution for everyone.

We recently worked with EY, one of the largest Professional Service networks in the world, who have almost 300,000 employees across 150 countries. EY approached Healthy Nibbles with the goal of curating snack boxes to be sent to employees’ houses both nationally and internationally. We delivered delicious healthy treats, as well as various branded materials, on schedule, on brand and on budget and have continued to build a long and trusting relationship with EY since.

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