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The Best Snacks for Concentration

Struggling with WFH concentration? 

The work from home era has been a positive change for many. Saying goodbye to the morning commute, having your fluffy friends by your feet all day or having a little bit more time to get outside in the summer sunshine. 

But working from home doesn't come without its challenges. Concentration and focus can take a hit when you're sitting in the same area all day with limited human interaction. Even worse, for those who don't have a lot of space, they are now sleeping in the same room in which they work.

There are numerous ways to increase your concentration and focus at home - like getting outside, taking short breaks and so on. But did you know that snacking in the right way is one of the most effective methods of increasing concentration and focus?

In fact, we lose 66% of our productivity in the hour following the consumption of an unhealthy snack. 

Don't worry - we've got you covered. Here are some of the best WFH snacks you can eat to increase your productivity. 

Dark Chocolate

Full of antioxidants, dark chocolate is one of the best concentration foods on the market. Although many people are tempted by the sweetness of milk chocolate, it certainly doesn't provide the same benefits. 

The flavonols in dark chocolate are known to improve memory and brain function, and dark chocolate even releases endorphins - the same hormones that are released post-workout that give you that feeling of happiness. 

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Chickpeas are a great source of magnesium - a vital mineral for brain fuel! Even better, they are extremely versatile. Great in salads or currys, they are a fantastic addition to your diet. 

What's more, brands have made it easier than ever to up your intake of chickpeas - like Hippeas chickpea puffs featured in our Health Box.

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Seeds of all kinds are packed with vitamin E which improves cognitive performance. Pumpkin seeds in particular have been commended on their nutritional benefits.  

Packed with zinc, pumpkin seeds are known to improve memory and brain function, and even help to eliminate stress. 

Seeds are a regular feature in our Keto Boxes. 

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It's no secret that greens are good for us. But for many people, it's difficult to include enough of them in our diets. Broccoli contains Vitamin C, which is great for brain health and can even reduce stress - so what if there was an easier way to consume it? 

Luckily there is! Brands like Growers Garden have created Broccoli Crisps - the perfect WFH desk snack! They feature in our vegan boxesregularly too! 

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What's your favourite WFH concentration snack? Reach out to us on Instagram and let us know!