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What makes our snacks 'healthy'?

Our Benchmarks
The world of healthy snacking can be confusing, which is why we’re committed to being transparent about product range, ingredients, allergens and product health benefits.

We've put in place a rigorous process which ensures that every snack we offer is delicious, but that it is also 'healthy' and ethical by the standards of 15 respected scientific benchmarks as well as international nutritional, allergen and sustainability standards: including IWBI, WHO, Sugarwise, Healthy Working Lives and Dept. of Health.

We also have our own Healthy Nibbles standards. 
Every product we offer has been checked by our nutritionist, who ensures they’re ‘clean’, free-from nasties, taste delicious and meet the Healthy Nibbles Nutritional Standard:

• no trans fats

• no unnecessary sugars

• no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats

• no artificial additives, colours or preservatives

• no genetically modified foods

• no high fructose corn syrup 

• no MSG

We have made the decision to remove all products containing palm oil by the end of 2021 given its widespread social and environmental impact in tropical regions. 

When you buy from Healthy Nibbles, you can be assured that you're Choosing Greatness with every bite!