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Supplier Spotlight: Nudie Snacks

Nudie Snacks deliver healthy snacking products to lovers of sweet and savoury. Their range features everything from roasted lentils and chickpeas, to carrot cake protein balls and coconut chips. We love sharing personal insights from our suppliers with our customers, so we asked Kirsteen from Nudie Snaks to tell us all about the Scottish business. 

Who are Nudie Snacks?

Nudie Snacks are a global, healthy snacks company. Nudie Snacks have a range of plant-based snacks that are high in plant-based protein and fibre and low in sugar. Sustainable food sources, such as plant-based, are so good for the planet. Back in 2017 we knew that ‘free-from' and 'vegan’ was just getting started, but we could not see any truly interesting snacks on the market that were high in protein and fibre. 

We are a disruptive brand that was born only a few years ago. A cheeky Scottish brand, Nudie Snacks is headquartered in Ayrshire. We consider ourselves pioneers and innovators in the world of alternative plant-based snacks, making them vegan friendly, but most importantly - exciting for all and packed full of flavour. 

How did the business begin?

We were involved in coconuts at the time and we realised there was a gap in the market for plant-based snacking that was not only great for increasing fibre and protein, but also had impactful flavours and was sustainable. We developed a range of protein balls; we were the first to develop smaller snack-size balls with an audience that was inclusive of females through bite-size snacks (and not bars). We targeted the growing trend in plant-based healthy, fuller-for-longer, small snack bags, and used familiar flavours that captured a wide audience appeal.

Following on from this, we developed a range of pulses, again leading the way in convenience ‘on the go’ packs (aka ‘shot packs’), that were plant-based and high in fibre. This was great for the rising trend in gut health, and made for a smart swap for traditional snacks commonly associated with lunch boxes and meal deals. 

What makes you unique?

Our entire range is focused on using plant-based ingredients, developed with amazing flavours - flavours that are loved and recognisable to all consumers. And they retain their free-from and vegan-friendly attributes. We use wholefoods such as pulses because of their natural nutritional profile. We've turned them into moreish snacks packed full of flavour, in a convenient on-the-go pack. 

Flavours such as vegan sour cream and chives innovates the vegan snack market and has become a huge hit as we got the flavouring just right. Our protein balls contain no added refined sugar and have 10g of plant protein and 5g of fibre. Coupling this with cake-inspired flavours gives consumers a sweet treat to keep their energy levels steady.

How does the Nudie Snacks team like to keep healthy?

We as a company like to practice what we preach. We have embraced the plant-based lifestyle. We have cut down on meat (not all meat, but they have significantly reduced) which is a good thing for their own health and wellbeing. Collectively we have competitions to see who can make the best tasty plant-based lunch in the office (I of course am always the winner!). 

The whole team were so surprised by how easy it was to adopt a plant-based diet - a number of the team are really seeing and feeling the benefits. We are fortunate that we are surrounded by beautiful countryside in Stewarton and many of our staff members enjoy a brisk lunchtime walk or cycle.

Which one Nudie Snacks product would you recommend as a must-try? 

This is hard for us because we have such a great range to choose from, but a firm favourite of mine is our new Salted Caramel Brownie Protein balls. The texture is amazing, soft and chewy and the flavour is just sublime. The pack size is just right to keep all those hunger pangs at bay, or enough to keep you or the kids going before everyone gets hangry. I have always got a pack in my bag.

Thanks for sharing with us Nudie Snacks! We're definitely peckish after reading that. Snack box anyone? Order yours here.