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Supplier Spotlight: Misfits

Misfits, with 15G of protein in every bar and 100% natural ingredients, passes the taste test with flying colours - it's delicious. We caught up with Misfits to find out a bit more about what they're doing.
Tell us about Misfits

Misfits is a plant-powered health brand. Our products are little steps that inspire big wins. We make a range of powders and snacks for the body, mind, gut, energy, sleep and defence. Our hero range is our plant-powered, high protein, low sugar bars. They have taken the UK by storm rivalling traditional whey protein bars.

How did the business begin?

We launched the Misfits brand in late 2019 and have had phenomenal early traction. Selling online and in major retailers, our hero product is our range of plant-powered protein bars. 

What makes your product unique?

In plants we trust - plants are super powerful and they keep millions of people alive and thriving every day. The full Misfits range harnesses all that plants have to offer and helps us make our health and wellness products stand out from the rest on shelf.

How important is sustainability and impact to Misfits?

Super important - we aim to be a BCORP in 2021. 80% of the Misfits range is already in plastic free and biodegradable packaging, by the end of Q1 next year we plan to make this the full range. At Misfits we don't just care for you but for the planet too.
How does the Misfits team like to keep healthy?

During Covid we have had a weekly zoom workout for all the team to take part in, very fun and very sweaty. As a health and wellness brand, everyone on the team has their own fitness interests from rugby to rowing or general keep fit. We are a super healthy bunch.

Which Misfits product would you recommend as a must-try?

Our hero product is our range of plant-powered protein bars. They are the UK's first high protein, low sugar, 100% natural, triple-layered and chocolate coated range of protein bars. They are absolutely delicious and a must-try.