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Supplier Spotlight: Nutry Nuts

Nutry Nuts are strong in the peanut butter cup taste game - we'd even say they take first position. With a whopping 12g of protein per serving, and a low sugar content of 6g, this snack fits perfectly within a healthy and nutritious diet!

What makes your product unique?

It’s been decades since the peanut butter cup category has been re-invented, as we’re all looking for ways to enjoy a real delicious treat without compromising our health goals, we’ve decided that we’d put the work in, and start making peanut butter cups that deliverers everything you need in terms of protein, with everything your tastebuds have been looking for!

As the UK’s 1st brand, we’ve taken on the sugary, low protein peanut butter cups and re-imagined them, carefully crafting a protein peanut butter cups with less sugar and higher protein, you may have dreamed is possible! The result? A nutritious snack that tickles the tastebuds without compromising your health!

Not to mention our minimalist, modern, bright yellow packaging, which is very disruptive and catches every eye’s attention and focused on health-conscious individuals!

Why should this be our go-to snack?

With high in protein and lower in sugar, it’s the perfect go-to snack for all of those who love chocolate and peanut butter! You can enjoy your peanut butter cups with your morning oats, before or after a workout, during the long hours at work, or as a nice evening treat!

What nutritional benefits do Nutry Nuts provide?

High in protein, lower in sugar, gluten-free, and palm oil-free too!

There are times of the day when we need a quick snack; something that will help fuel the body but without loading it with empty calories and sugar. Sugar appeals to the sweet tooth but a sugar high is always followed by a sugar crash, making us feel lethargic and listless. With Nutry Nuts, the low sugar content means no sugar crash... Peanuts are a versatile ingredient. Eaten on their own, they provide protein for the body, as well as providing a satisfying crunch. But creamed to a smooth paste, the change in consistency becomes creamery with a powerful hint of natural sweetness and flavour. It’s this creaminess that we have utilized in our peanut butter cups. With a milk chocolate coating, they are the little bit of sweet heaven when you need it most!

What are Nutry Nuts doing to be eco-friendly and sustainable?

Very good question! We make sure to recycle all our outer cases, and as much shelf-ready packaging as we can. We don’t use paper in our office, and focus on using e-mails.We also recycle the peanut butter buckets we use!

We are always looking for better environementally-friendly options and how we can cut down on waste!

Why are the peanut butter cups at Nutry Nuts a must-try?

We make the most delicious protein peanut butter cups and package them into a very bright yellow packaging! Nutry Nuts is a very friendly and honest company and we have a huge passion for our peanut butter cups! They are a must-try because we are second to none, we do everything differently, we challenge the big brands and we are changing the category. At Nutry Nuts, the taste comes first followed by the nutritional information!

Go on... make a smart-swap and try Nutry Nuts over your regular naughty go-to cups. You won't be disappointed, they are just as indulgent but without the nasty ingredients. Mmmm.