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Supplier Spotlight: ZENB

ZENB use parts that typically get thrown away (stem, skin and seeds) to make their delicious veggie sticks. Taking a step in the right direction to simplify food waste, ZENB's products really are a delicious and easy way to help you reach your daily fibre goal!

Tell us about ZENB

ZENB launched with a desire to change the way consumers think about nutrition, by placing food that is plant based and delicious at the center of everyday lives. We’re striving to move food culture forward, building plant powered products and working to raise awareness and inspire change within the food system. We offer a range of products that hero the vegetable by using as much of the whole veg as possible, including parts often discarded; encouraging consumers to enjoy convenient, accessible food for a more balanced lifestyle.

How did the business begin?

ZENB is derived from the Japanese word “Zenbu” meaning “whole” and was introduced to the U.S. market in June 2019, and one year later into the UK. We have several exciting product innovations for 2021, that will satisfy meal and snack occasions any time of day.

What makes your product

As well as using as much of the whole veggie as possible, our snacks combine tasty unique flavour combinations, including fruit, nuts, and spices. All our snacks are organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and free of any artificial flavours or preservatives, making them the perfect choice for that on the go snack!

How important is sustainability and impact to ZENB?

Sustainability is important, for us that means raising awareness about reducing food waste, educating others on the benefits of using parts of the vegetable that are often overlooked but also contain fibre, all delivered in 100% recyclable boxes – our Veggie Stick boxes can even be turned inside out to use again! We aren’t perfect, and we know we can always find new ways to be better and new opportunities come from great conversations, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

How does the ZENB team like to keep healthy?

Some ZENB team members keep healthy by playing sport, heading to the gym on their lunch break, or walking instead of using public transport. Others love to cook and try out different vegan recipes and restaurants around London and their home towns.

As a team, we also like to keep open conversations about how to maintain a healthy relationship with food and how to ensure we are living a balanced lifestyle. 

Which one ZENB snack would you recommend as a must try?

Our brand-new Veggie Bites, the delicious unique flavour combinations of the hero veggie, fruits, herbs and spices are like nothing else out there! Our teams favourite is the Beetroot Veggie Bites, with the delicious blend of the fresh taste of orange and the chocolaty tones of cacao nibs… Equally the Red Pepper, Tomato and Ancho Chilli is a popular choice in our team too, but it’s all personal preference, so make sure you check out our full range of flavours! https://zenb.co.uk/collections/trial-packs

At Healthy Nibbles, you can try ZENB in this month's box - with a complimentary sample! We hope you are as excited about this as we are.