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Protein powers the body’s growth factory. From building and repairing bones, muscles, and cartilage to coordinating bodily functions, brain development and hormone production, protein is an essential nutrient for every person on the planet. Given its immense power, high-protein diets are growing in popularity. Below, we uncover the benefits behind going high-protein, how such a decision could help you and the best ways to get started.
Want to keep healthy this winter? Then you need a robust and balanced immune response. The choices we make when it comes to diet and lifestyle have a profound effect on how our immune system responds. A weakened defence system can lead to a host of health issues and, in addition to concerns around COVID-19, there are many regular winter germs to face. This makes it even more important to support your immune system this winter.
As people become increasingly aware of the impact, we are having on the planet, strategies to lessen our carbon footprint and be kinder to the earth are growing in popularity. From electric cars to renewable energy, the green revolution is sweeping across sectors. That too, is true of what people eat.

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