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Your body needs protein for several different reasons - one reason being that protein helps you to build bones, muscle, cartilage and skin. Protein is also an important consumption focus post-workout as this helps your body to build muscle and repair tissue, allowing you to quickly recover from exercise or injury. Plus, protein helps you to stay full for longer and therefore helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy Nibbles have recently launched our new range of Protein Boxes and are now delighted to provide our valued customers with high-protein, natural products from the most exciting brands... It’s never been easier to fuel your post-workout protein fix! With three different box sizes and a mix of delicious sweet and savoury nibbles to choose from, we’re helping you to keep your snack stash healthy in 2021.

With January bringing with it new year’s resolutions, diets and workout routines, here, we discuss protein and how much we need to live a healthy lifestyle.
Exercising after fighting of COVID-19 has proven to -be particularly tough - here we talk about how to slowly ease yourself back into the world of fitness.
33.3% of employees have insufficient levels of physical activity. Here we discuss simple ways to increase your movement throughout the day.


What is protein and why is it important?

Protein is a macronutrient that is made up of amino acids. Protein is found in every cell of the body, and a healthy protein intake is important for keeping muscles, bones and tissue healthy. Protein transports molecules around the body, helps to repair and replace cells, and promotes adequate development in children, young adults and pregnant women.

Why is protein associated with exercise?

Protein is needed post-workout as this helps your body to heal and grow muscle that has been broken down. If you’re exercising often, or intensely, you’ll need a bit more protein than usual – this will vary depending on your personal fitness goals.

What foods contain protein?

Plant foods and animal products are both great sources of protein. Eggs, seafood, yoghurt, milk and lean meats are high-protein foods that will help you meet your daily targets. If you’re plant-based, soya products (like tofu) as well as nuts, seeds and legumes will give you all the protein you need within a well-balanced diet. At Healthy Nibbles, our Protein Boxes contain a selection of high-protein snacks to help you meet your daily protein goals!

How much protein should I be consuming?

A minimum of 10% of your daily calories should come from different sources of protein, and as general guidance the NHS recommends 50g of protein per day. This varies from person to person - if you’re exercising regularly, aim for a daily protein intake of 1.2-1.4g of protein per KG of bodyweight.

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