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Keto Super Box

  • Looking to maintain a healthy, low carb lifestyle? The Keto Super Box is the one for you! 
  • Order for the Keto Super Box and get double the snacks with a 10% discount. Sounds good, right? 
  • Perfect for those following the Keto Diet, limiting sugar and carb consumption and seeking high fat food and drink items, the Keto Super Box contains an exciting array of sweet and savoury low carb treats. 
  • Healthy Nibbles are always on the hunt for new keto products from exciting brands, big and small. This means that on a monthly basis we can provide you with a delicious array of nibbles that fit well within your dietary needs, allowing you to snack guilt-free. 
  • All products have been checked by our nutritionist and vetted against multiple nutritional, allergen and sustainability standards to ensure that we are only working with the best brands which align with our values. 
  • Beautifully packaged, the Keto Super Box also makes a great gift – you can even customise your own message! 
  • FREE delivery using a 48-hour service. 

The Keto Super Box includes:

  • Misfits – Brownie x4 (VG, GF)
  • Pulsin – Keto Orange Chocolate & Peanut x4 (VG, GF)
  • Cheesies x4 (V, GF)
  • Boundless – Orange & Maple x4 (VG, GF)
  • I Love Snacks – Almonds x4 (VG, GF)
  • Prime – Salami Bar x4 (GF)
  • Olly’s Olives Lemon & Thyme x4 (VG, GF)
  • Willies Dark Chocolate x4 (VG, GF)
  • Smally’s Biltong Chilli x4 (GF)
  • The Curators – Pork Puffs x4 (GF)
  • Pip & Nut - Peanut Butter x4 (VG, GF)
  • Fattbat - Coconut & Macadamia x4 (VG, GF)
  • Boost Ball – Keto Choc Hazelnut x4 (VG, GF)
  • Nutrilicious – Dark Chocolate x4 (VG, GF)
  • WestLab Bath Salts x4 (VG)
  • New Kings Coffee x2 (VG, GF)

Disclaimer: Snacks included in the box may vary from the image shown.

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