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Vegan Super Box

  • With the Vegan Super Box, you can save over 10% with double the treats... plan ahead so you never run out of snacks! 
  • Looking for nutritious, plant-based snacks that never skimp on taste? Look no further than the Vegan Super Box from Healthy Nibbles – perfect for easy plant-based snacking at work, home or on-the-go. 
  • We make the transition to veganism seamless, with a luxurious selection of sweet and savoury treats - always free-from artificial nasties and additives and fully plant-based. 
  • You’re not vegan, just curious? No worries. Non-vegans will love this too - we never compromise on taste. 
  • We work with loads of exciting and sustainable brands – big and small – so that you can try out delicious new vegan products on a monthly basis. 
  • Perfect for gifting, our boxes are all beautifully packaged with a customisable message option available for a personal touch. 
  • Our boxes are delivered FREE to your home or office, using a 48-hour service. 

    The Vegan Super Box includes:

    • The Gut Stuff – Raspberry & Coconut x4 (VG, GF)
    • LoBros Kombucha – Raspberry & Lemon x4 (VG, GF)
    • Pri’s Pudding – Chocolate x4 (VG, GF)
    • Misfits – Brownie x4 (VG, GF)
    • Insane Grain – Salt & Vinegar x4 (VG, GF)
    • NOMO Chocolate – Caramel x4 (VG, GF)
    • Gregory’s Tree x4 (VG, GF)
    • Love Vegan By Jennifer - Orange Cacao & Cashew x4 (VG, GF)
    • Growers Garden – Broccoli & Chilli x4 (VG, GF)
    • Eat Real – Lentil Chilli & Lemon x4 (VG, GF)
    • Creative Nature Salted Caramel x4 (VG, GF)
    • Boundless – Orange & Maple x4 (VG, GF)
    • Creative Nature – Gnawbles x4 (VG, GF)
    • Doves Freee Flapjack – Apple Oat Bar with Sultana's x4 (VG, GF)
    • WestLab Bath Salts x2 (VG)
    • Bio & Me – Apple & Cinnamon x2 (VG)

    Disclaimer: Snacks included in the box may vary from the image shown.

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