Taking New Food Regimes A Day At A Time

When we want to have a shake up of our health and fitness in general, most folk, and men especially,  go hell for leather and sign on at the gym and go for a few weeks.  Until they suddenly have another thing that gets in the way and that good virtuous feeling gradually disipates.  The best way to change our lifestyle is to sit and think about current habits and eating choices.  Do we head straight for the sugary sweet stuff as soon as possible, or is there an element of self discipline available.   If weight gain has been a worry, then the obvious first action is to look at the current diet and size of the portions served.   Do we really need those three big meals a day or could we manage on one less but with lots more wter and other fluids to help take the edge off the hunger pangs.   One idea is to fast overnight, it is much easier than it sounds.    Just deciding to drop those calorie and carbohydrate filled breakfasts was easier for me than I ever imagined, having been a habitual porridge and cup of tea merchant.  I just decided to follow a younger relative along the lower carb route, it is easier without breakfast getting in the way.   I drink a lot of lemon green tea too and litres of water, even more since I was bought a fizz machine of my own.